Processing Files,
AIN (Agency Identification Number) 3021
Agency Retention Period AC
Storage Retention Period
Total Retention Period AC
Remarks AC=Completion of 3rd update cycle except for: a) Raw data input or source file which serves as basic source document in lieu, of textual or other source document, follow the retention period approved for the equivalent type of textural record or AV whichever is longer. b) Routine or benchmark data file used in testing a system or program, retain AV. c) File which facilitates processing of a particular job or system run, but which does not change the information in a master file, retain AV.
106 No.

Retention Codes:
  • AC - After Closed, Terminated, Completed, Expired, Settled
  • AV - Administrative Value
  • CE - Calendar Year End
  • FE - Fiscal Year End
  • LA - Life of Asset
  • MO - Months
  • PM - Permanent
  • US - Until Superseded

Archival Codes:
  • A - Transfer to State Archives
  • R - Review by State Archivist