Software Programs, Automated software applications and operating system files including job control language, program listing/source code, etc. Caution: If an electronic record is schedule for permanent retention. Software needed for access to the record must also be retained permanently.
AIN (Agency Identification Number) 3023
Agency Retention Period AC
Storage Retention Period
Total Retention Period AC
Remarks AC=Until electronic records are transferred to and made usable in new software environment or there are no electronic records being retained using that software to read records. 13 TAC 6.94(a)
106 No.

Retention Codes:
  • AC - After Closed, Terminated, Completed, Expired, Settled
  • AV - Administrative Value
  • CE - Calendar Year End
  • FE - Fiscal Year End
  • LA - Life of Asset
  • MO - Months
  • PM - Permanent
  • US - Until Superseded

Archival Codes:
  • A - Transfer to State Archives
  • R - Review by State Archivist