Adoption Case Records, Includes Adoption Subsidy Records (PAD) for Adoptions handled by DFPS (ACH), Adoptive Home Consummated (AHC) and Post-adoption Records (PAR)
AIN (Agency Identification Number) 3213
Agency Retention Period AC
Storage Retention Period 99
Total Retention Period AC+99
Remarks AC=After consummation/case closed. Hard copy destroyed after microfilm. Master stored at the State Records Center, duplicate stored at agency. After 9/1/96 part of case record maintained electronically.
106 No. 93-530-005

Retention Codes:
  • AC - After Closed, Terminated, Completed, Expired, Settled
  • AV - Administrative Value
  • CE - Calendar Year End
  • FE - Fiscal Year End
  • LA - Life of Asset
  • MO - Months
  • PM - Permanent
  • US - Until Superseded

Archival Codes:
  • A - Transfer to State Archives
  • R - Review by State Archivist