Contracts and Leases - ,
AIN (Agency Identification Number) 3270
Agency Retention Period AC
Storage Retention Period 4
Total Retention Period AC+4
Remarks Contracts, leases, and agreements include general obligation, land lease, utilities, and construction except for buildings. Documents include specification, affidavits of publication of calls for bids, accepted bids, performance bonds, contracts, purchase order, inspection reports, and correspondence. AC=Expiration or termination of the instrument according to its terms.
106 No. 93-530-017

Retention Codes:
  • AC - After Closed, Terminated, Completed, Expired, Settled
  • AV - Administrative Value
  • CE - Calendar Year End
  • FE - Fiscal Year End
  • LA - Life of Asset
  • MO - Months
  • PM - Permanent
  • US - Until Superseded

Archival Codes:
  • A - Transfer to State Archives
  • R - Review by State Archivist