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Appendix VI: Investigator Safety

APS Provider Investigations April 2017

DFPS employee safety is of primary importance in carrying out our mission. Safety begins with being aware of our approach to interviews, our surroundings, and our personal habits. In addition to the DFPS Safety Policy, the following measures are included:

Avoiding Violence

Investigator safety is the most important factor in any APS PI interview. Investigators must immediately leave any situation they feel is unsafe.

If an interviewee, whether an individual receiving services or alleged perpetrator, angrily rejects the interview or shows physical and verbal signs of hostility, investigators do not escalate the situation by insisting on completing the interview. As appropriate and depending on the circumstance, the investigator should leave the facility, group home, or residence. The investigator communicates with the service provider, facility administrator, or designee to try to gain staff cooperation or alert him or her to the individual receiving services’ behavior.

The investigator can try again later to establish rapport and complete the investigation. It may be necessary for the investigator to return with a coworker, supervisor, or law enforcement officer. While time frames are important in completing the investigation, under no circumstances should an investigator place completion of the investigation over personal safety.

No law, policy, or local procedure requires investigators to enter into or remain in a dangerous situation. Employees must immediately leave any situation that they reasonably believe is unsafe.

It is advisable to use a global positioning system (GPS) to determine your location and the nearest police, fire, or other emergency assistance location.

See HR-1107 DFPS Safety Policy.

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