DFPS Centralized Background Check Unit Operating Handbook

Revision June 2013

Supervised Independent Living

CBCU is modifying this policy to address the unique criteria related to Supervised Independent Living contractors. We are also making some minor modifications to the policy as it relates to new abuse or neglect reports on an existing contractor or contractor staff.

Originally published as a revision to Operating Policy CBCU-1104, Sections 1.0-7.0.

In the Operating Handbook, see:

1100 Policy

1200 Definitions

1300 Persons Affected

1400 Roles and Responsibilities

1410 CBCU Staff

1420 PCS Staff

1500 Types of Background Checks

1510 PCS Background Checks That Are Always Required

1520 PCS Background Checks That May Be Required

1521 Fingerprint-Based Criminal History Checks

1522 Out-of-State Abuse and Neglect History Checks

1600 Overview of the Background Check Process

1610 Making the Initial Request for a Background Check

1620 Renewing a Background Check

1630 Options for Contractors With Multiple PCS Contracts

1640 Background Checks for Residential Operations Regulated by Child Care Licensing

1650 Reporting and Making Determinations for New Incidents

1700 Procedures

1710 Requesting a Background Check

1711 Requesting a Background Check During Procurement

1712 Requesting a Background Check at a Time Other Than Procurement

1720 Fingerprint-Based Criminal History Checks

1721 Completing a Fingerprint-Based Check

1722 Receiving Notification From DPS About New Arrests

1730 Retaining All Background Check-Related Correspondence From the CBCU

1740 Assessing the Results of Background Checks

1741 Assessing DFPS and Criminal History Records

1742 Assessing Juvenile History Records

1743 Assessing Incomplete, Inconclusive, or Contested Criminal History Records

1750 Making a Determination

1751 Cleared

1752 Absolute Bar

1753 Eligible for a Risk Evaluation

1754 Contraindication

1755 Redeterminations (Renewals)