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1150 CPS Volunteer and Community Engagement

CPS October 2012

Volunteers play an important role in helping DFPS accomplish its mission to protect the unprotected. Legislators recognize the value of volunteers and have mandated the use of volunteer programs in human services agencies and in local governments that contract to deliver human services. See the Volunteer and Community Engagement Policy Handbook, Section 1600 Legal Basis for Involvement of Volunteers.

Volunteers may be approved to work with DFPS:

  •  as individuals;

  •  as part of a group; or

  •  through a volunteer agency.

To ensure that volunteers have clear expectations and are given appropriate supervision, the following responsibilities are assigned to DFPS staff.

  •  Community initiative specialists (CIS) coordinate the supervision and administration of volunteers in the DFPS regions. (See the CPS Community Engagement page, which includes community initiative specialists.)

  •  Community engagement specialists in the DFPS state office provide guidance to the community initiative specialists. (See the CPS Community Engagement page.)

  •  The DFPS Office of Volunteer and Community Engagement develops policies and procedures related to volunteers.

For details, see the Volunteer and Community Engagement Policy Handbook, sections 1000 through 8000, including:

5000 DFPS Volunteer Policy

1300 OVCE Structure

1310 APS and CPS Regional/District Community Engagement Specialists

7500 Confidential and Sensitive Information

8500 Liability, DFPS Responsibility, and Immunity

For details on opportunities to volunteer in a DFPS emergency resource room, see the Volunteer and Community Engagement Policy Handbook, 2000 Policy Governing Resource Rooms.

1151 Acceptance of Gifts and Donations

CPS October 2012

CPS staff may solicit the following types of donations for children and families on their CPS caseloads:

  •  Cash

  •  Goods

  •  Services

For details:

  •  see the Volunteer and Community Engagement Policy Handbook, Section 2000 Acceptance and Use of Donations; or

  •  contact a regional community initiative specialist.

1160 Public Information About Child Protective Services

CPS 96-8


Under PL 93-247, Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment and Adoption Reform Act, DFPS must provide information about child abuse and neglect to the public. Under §47.003, Human Resources Code, DFPS must provide to prospective adoptive parents information about the availability of hard-to-place children and about adoption subsidies.

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