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Appendix 5242: List of Legal Actions in IMPACT

CPS December 2013

To indicate a legal action, the caseworker chooses from among the subtypes listed for the action on the Legal Action and Outcome Page in the IMPACT case management system.

Action: Orders for Services (CCAA)


For Alternative Services

In Aid of Investigation

Mental Exam of Parent

For Social /Home Study

To Participate in Services

Removal of Perpetrator

Protective Order

Medical/Physical Exam


Action: Affidavit (CCAF)


Of Relinq. Of Mother’s Rt

Of Relinq. Of Father’s Rt

Action: CVS Orders (CCOR)


Ex Parte Hearing

To Extend Ex-Parte

Extend TMC Dismissal Date

PMC to Relative

PMC to Fictive Kin

PMC to Parent

PMC to Other

Permanency Review Hearing

Status Hearing

Adversary Hearing Temporary

Interlocutory Term. Mother

Interlocutory Term. Any Father

PMC to Agency, Rts Not Term All

PMC to Agency, Rts Term All

Placement Review Hearing

Adoption Consummation

Non Suit

Extended Court Jurisdiction Past 18

Medical Consenter Authorization

Action: Special Orders (CCUU)


DADS Guardianship

To Consolidate

To Transfer Jurisdiction


TYC Involvement Starts

JPC  Involvement Starts

TYC Involvement Ends

JPC Involvement Ends

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