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Appendix 5243: Legal Status Discharge Reasons

CPS June 2014

Legal status in IMPACT refers to the legal position of DFPS in relation to a child.

IMPACT Legal Status

Discharge Reasons


Reunification with home of removal

This would be the parent, if removed from that parent, or the person with legal custody, if removed from that person.

Other Parent

This is not the parent from whom the child was removed; this is a reunification with the other parent that has now received conservatorship.


This is a related person that has now received conservatorship.

Fictive Kin

This is a fictive kin person that has now received conservatorship.

Foster Family

This is only used if conservatorship was transferred to the Foster Family


The adoption has been consummated by a kinship or non-kinship person.


Use if court orders this before youth turns 18.

Aged Out

Use if youth turns 18 while in DFPS conservatorship.

Child Died




Transfer to Other Agency

Use if court transfers conservatorship to another agency.

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