Child Protective Services Handbook Revision December 19, 2008

The CPS handbook is being revised to address a recent court ruling and the emphasis on 4th Amendment rights and exigent circumstances.

Visits to the Home (PATS 2397)

2245 Visits to the Home

2245.1 Consent to Enter a Home

2245.11 Worker Requests Permission to Enter a Home

2245.12 Who Has the Authority to Give Consent to Enter the Home

2245.13 Capacity to Consent

2245.14 Voluntary Consent

2245.15 Withdrawal of Consent

2245.16 When Parents Disagree About Consent

2245.17 Scope of the Consent Given by an Adult Caretaker, Child, or Occupant of the Home

2245.2 Exigent Circumstances Relating to Entry of a Home

2245.3 Documenting the Visit to the Home

Legal Basis and Rights (PATS 2347)

5100 Overview of Court-Related Services

5110 Safeguarding the Legal Rights of Parents and Children

5120 Documentation of Legal Status and Legal Action

5213 Temporary Restraining Orders