Child Protective Services Handbook Revision February 2009

This revision of the Child Protective Services Handbook was published on February 2, 2009. Summaries of new and revised items are posted below.

Examinations in the Home (PATS 2407)

The CPS handbook is being revised to address a recent court ruling and the emphasis on 4th Amendment rights and exigent circumstances. See:

2250 Examinations of Alleged Victims and Other Children in the Home

2251 Examinations by Workers

2251.1 Visual Examinations

2151.2 Sexual Abuse Examinations

DFPS Requests for DADS Guardianship (PATS 1577)

DADS and DFPS work jointly on guardianship referrals to promote positive outcomes for mutual clients. The departments work together at the lowest possible level, whenever necessary, to achieve this goal. This revision incorporates PSA 08-024, dated October 12, 2007.

DFPS and DADS have protocols for DFPS requests for a DADS guardianship. These apply to both CPS and APS.

See the DADS Guardianship Services Handbook and the related CPS Handbook content:

Changes were made in IMPACT that affect the aging-out child (AOC ) stage for CPS referrals

IMPACT Protocol Changes

DADS has its own guardianship automation program and no longer uses IMPACT to document guardianship issues.

Consequently, the AOC stage is no longer assigned to DADS staff. The DFPS developmental disability specialist is assigned as the primary worker, and the SUB stage worker is assigned as the secondary worker.

Once DADS either becomes the guardian or declines to file for guardianship and the appeals process has ended, the DFPS worker closes the AOC stage.


6564.2 Referral to DADS for Guardianship

6564.21 Steps in the Referral Process

6564.22 Ensuring Timely Referrals to DADS

Appendix 6564.2-A: Joint Staffing Process for DFPS Referrals to DADS Guardianship Services

Appendix 6564.2-B: Review of Guardianship Decision