Child Protective Services Handbook Revision
June 2009

This revision of the Child Protective Services Handbook was published on June 1, 2009. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

Placement of Children: Proximity to the Child’s Home and Children Under Age 2 (PATS 2123)

This revision updates the key issues to consider when selecting a placement for a child.

  ·  Close Proximity to the Child’s Home: There are additional school issues to comply with new federal requirements. CPS staff must not only consider whether it is appropriate for the child to continue in his or her current school, but also whether it is appropriate for the new caretaker to transport the child to his or her current school.

  ·  Children Under Age Two: When placing children under age two, CPS staff must ensure the safety and stability of the placement.

See 6314.1 Required Issues to Consider

Involuntary Removals, Adversary Hearings, Court-Ordered Removals, Written Notice to Parents (PATS 2377)

The CPS handbook is being revised to address a recent court ruling and the emphasis on 4th Amendment rights and exigent circumstances. See:

5220 Involuntary Removal of a Child

5221 Types of Involuntary Removal of a Child

5222 Full Adversary Hearings When Removing a Child

5223 Preparing a Court Case to Remove a Child

5223.1 Preparing an Affidavit for Removal of a Child

5223.2 Determining the Jurisdiction and Venue of a Lawsuit to Remove a Child

5223.3 Providing Information for a Petition to Remove a Child

5223.4 Providing Other Supporting Information for Removal of a Child

5223.5 Appearing as a Witness in a Hearing to Remove a Child

5224 After an Adversary Hearing to Remove a Child

5230 Providing Written Notice to Parents When Removing a Child

5231 When to Provide Written Notice About Removing a Child

5232 Completing Form 2231 Notice of Removal

5233 Delivering Written Notice When Removing a Child

5233.1 Providing Notice When Removing a Child Based on Voluntary Relinquishment

5234 Conducting a Diligent Search for Missing Parents

5234.1 What the Law Requires of a Diligent Search for Missing Parents

5234.2 When a Parent of an Indian Child Cannot Be Located

5234.3 Locating One or More Alleged Biological Fathers

5234.4 How to Conduct a Diligent Search for Missing Parents

Cross-references to items moved or deleted with this revision have been updated in the following items. See:

2261.3 Identifying and Locating Parents and Guardians

2395 Removal Involving a Minor Who Wants or Had an Abortion Without Her Family Knowing

5110 Safeguarding the Legal Rights of Parents and Children

5200 Court-Related Services for Children at Risk of Abuse or Neglect

5351 The 60-Day Status Hearing

5354 Dispositional Hearings

5370 Child Support for Children in Substitute Care

5430 Voluntary Relinquishment

6110 Definition, Criteria, Goals, and Objectives

6233 Termination of Parental Rights

6422.6 Filing the Family Service Plan With the Court

6630 Working With Military Families

Appendix 5261 A. Detailed Diligent Search for Parent (Steps to Take)

Appendix 5261-B: Detailed Diligent Search for Relatives (Steps to Take)