Child Protective Services Handbook Revision February 2010

This revision of the Child Protective Services Handbook was published on February 1, 2010. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

Federal Monitoring of Title IV-E Funds (PATS 3297)

The item below is revised to clarify the CFSR Title IV-E review process. See:

1721 Federal Monitoring

Child Fatality (PATS 3167)

Changes to the Texas Family Code enacted during the 81st Legislative Session state that when CPS is investigating a death alleged to be the result of abuse or neglect, the public may request information concerning the child death (TFC §261.203, effective 9/1/2009). DFPS rules reflecting this statute will be adopted in the spring of 2010.

Designated staff in each region will be required to respond to these requests. The items below are revised or added to support this policy.


2310 Child Deaths

2311 Notifications of a Child's Death

2311.1 Law Enforcement

2311.2 Medical Examiner or Justice of the Peace

2311.3 Regional and State Office Staff

2311.4 While in Licensed Placement

2312 Investigating a Death

2312.1 Coordinating With Law Enforcement

2312.2 Conducting the CPS Investigation

2312.3 Documenting a Child's Death

2312.31 Allegation Task

2312.32 Maintain Person Task

2313 Regional Responsibility to Review Cases of Child Death

2314 Child Death Committee/Teams Glossary

2315 Release of Information on a Child Fatality Investigation