Child Protective Services Handbook Revision August 2010

This revision of the Child Protective Services Handbook was published on August 2, 2010. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

Release of HIV and AIDS Status or Test Results

Foster Care Maintenance Recoupment

Adoptive Placement and Consummation

Special Handling of Notification When a Reporter and Family Have the Same Address

Release of HIV and AIDS Status or Test Results (PATS 2217)

DFPS may not release HIV or AIDS information unless there is a valid authorization voluntarily signed by the person who has HIV or AIDS, or a parent, guardian, or managing conservator of a child. See:

2226 Confidentiality When Working With Individuals With HIV

2226.1 Release of HIV Status

2226.2 The Court System

Foster Care Maintenance Recoupment (PATS 3677)

The section below is added to provide policy and procedures for the manual recoupment of foster care maintenance overpayments.


1545.3 Recoupment of Foster Care Maintenance Overpayment

1545.31 Manual Recoupment

1545.32 Manual Recoupment Process

1545.33 Notification to Providers of Recoupment that Exceeds 50% of Next Payment

1545.34 Extreme Hardship and Repayment Plans

Adoptive Placement and Consummation (PATS 3822)

This revision:

  •   clarifies that staff must continue adoption activities during the 90 days following termination of parental rights; and

  •   revises policy to address when adoptive placements and consummations should occur in light of:

  •   the deadline for parents to file an appeal of the termination; and

  •   the rights of certain relatives to file a suit within 90 days of the termination of parental rights.

In addition, a sentence in CPSH 6832 was deleted that allows DFPS to extend foster care eligibility after Form 2226 Adoptive Placement Agreement is signed and until the adoption is consummated. Foster care eligibility must end after the Adoptive Placement Agreement is signed.


6831.1 Challenges of a Termination Order by Certain Relatives: 90-Day Period Following Termination

6832 Adoption by Foster Parents

6843 Completing the Placement

6852 Consummating the Adoption

Special Handling of Notification When a Reporter and Family Have the Same Address (PATS 3777)

The items below are revised to explain how to handle a report of abuse or neglect when the reporter has the same address as the family he or she is reporting. See:

2232.4 Contacting the Reporter Before Initiating the Investigation

2273.7 Notifying a Reporter When the Investigation Is Complete