Child Protective Services Handbook Revision October 2011

This revision of the Child Protective Services Handbook was published on October 3, 2011. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

Mediated Agreements and Agreeing to PMC Without Termination of Parental Rights (PATS 4277)

The items below are added or revised to provide policy on:

  •   conducting mediated agreements; and

  •   establishing guidelines for placing a child in DFPS conservatorship without terminating parental rights.


5432 Negotiating a Final Order for Conservatorship

5432.1 Using Mediation to Resolve Conservatorship Disputes

5432.11 Requirements for Mediation

5432.12 Types of Mediation

5432.13 Who Must Attend Mediation (Formal and Informal)

5432.2 Agreeing to Accept DFPS Conservatorship Without Termination of Parental Rights

5432.21 Actions Prohibited When Negotiating for Conservatorship

6230 Recommending a Conservatorship Option That Supports the Permanency Goal

6232 Transferring Conservatorship From DFPS to a Suitable Person

6234 DFPS Conservatorship Without Termination of Parental Rights

Follow Up Action Plan Documentation Requirement (PATS 4549)

The items below are revised to clearly direct investigative staff to document the follow-up action plan developed at times when contact is not made within priority time frames. This policy revision provides provide consistency in case reading required by Child and Family Services Review (CFSR) and the Quality Assurance program in state office. See:

2232.7 Follow-Up When Contact Is Not Made Within Priority Time Frames