Child Protective Services Handbook Revision July 2012

This revision of the Child Protective Services Handbook was published on July 2, 2012. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

Creation of New CPS Section 11000 for Medical and Mental Health Services (PATS 5307)

Section 6000 has been reorganized. Kinship and Placement policies have been moved to Section 4000. Medical and mental health policies have been moved to Section 11000. Redundant items have been removed from the handbook.

No policies have been revised. Handbook items have been moved in their entirety with no changes other than the item numbers. Revision dates have not changed, since the policies have not changed.

Items Moved From Sections 2000, 6000, and 10000 to the new Section 11000

11000 (6520) Health Care

11100 (6521) Medical Consent

11110 (6521.1) Court Authorizes DFPS to Consent

11111 (6521.11) Selecting Medical Consenter and Back Up Medical Consenter

11112 (6521.12) Ensuring Training on Informed Consent and Requirements for Medical Consenters

11113 (6521.13) Issuing Forms 2085-B

11114 (6521.14) Providing Medical Information to the Medical Consenter

11115 (6521.19) Changing Medical Consenter and Back Up Consenter

11116 (6521.15) Notifying the Court

11117 (6521.16) Documenting in IMPACT

11118 (6521.3) Court Authorizes an Individual Other Than DFPS to Consent

11120 (6521.2) Responsibilities of Medical Consenters and Back Up Medical Consenters

11121 (6521.21) Being Knowledgeable of Child’s Medical Condition

11122 (6521.22) Participating in Each Medical Appointment

11123 (6521.23) Updating All Medical Consenters and Back Up Medical Consenters

11130 (6521.4) Medical Consent by Youth

11131 (6521.41) Educating Children About Their Medical Care

11132 (6521.42) Informing Youth About Certain Rights

11133 (6521.43) Documenting Court Authorization for Youth Consent in IMPACT

11134 (6521.44) Offering Ongoing Support to Youth

11135 (6521.45) Requesting a Court Order When a Youth Refuses Medical Care

11136 (6521.5) Emergency Medical Care

11140 Notification of Medical Care

11141 (6521.17) Including Medical Information in Court Reports

11142 (6521.18) Notifying Parents About Significant Medical Conditions

11150 (6521.6) Special Circumstances

11151 (6521.61) Youth Who Are 18 Years or Older

11152 (6521.62) Youth Under DADS Guardianship in Extended Foster Care

11153 (6521.63) Youth Who Are Parents in DFPS Conservatorship or Extended Foster Care

11200 (6525) Medical and Dental Services

11210 (6526) Meeting the Requirements for Medical and Dental Services

11211 (6526.1) Initial Texas Health Steps Medical Checkup

11212 (6526.2) Initial Texas Health Steps Dental Checkup

11213 (6526.3) Subsequent, Ongoing Texas Health Steps Checkups

11214 (6526.5) Immunizations

11230 Gynecological and Reproductive Health

11231 (10610) Contraceptive Services

11250 (6527) Service Planning

11251 (6527.1) Informing Caregivers and Medical Consenters About Health Services

11252 (6527.2) Arranging Transportation for Medical Services

11260 (6528) Documenting Medical and Dental Issues in IMPACT and the Case File

11261 (6528.1) Documenting Checkups (Medical and Dental) in IMPACT and the Case File

11262 (6528.2) Documenting Other Health-Related Visits in IMPACT and the Case File

11263 (6528.3) Completing a Medical history in IMPACT

11264 (6528.4) Documenting Additional Health-related Details for the Record

11270 (6528.5) Using the Health passport to Store and Retrieve a Child's Health-Related Information

11271 (6528.51) What the Health Passport Contains

11272 (6528.52) Restrictions on Using the Health Passport

11300 Medication

11310 Administering Medication

11320 (Appendix 2600) Administration of Medications by DFPS Staff (subitems)

11330 (6526.4) Psychotropic Medications

11400 Special Healthcare Needs

11410 (6527.3) Arranging for Special Health Care Management Services

11411 (6527.4) Referring a Child to Medical Professionals and Health-Related Community Services

11412 (6527.5) Working With Children in DFPS Conservatorship Who Have Special Health Care Needs

11500 Communicable Diseases

11510 (6540) Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

11511 (6541) Sex Education and AIDS Prevention

11512 (6542) Testing Children in DFPS's Conservatorship for HIV Antibodies

11512.1 (6542.1) Children at Risk from Birth

11512.2 (6542.2) Other Children at Risk

11513 (6543) Testing Procedures and Counseling

11514 (6544) Treatment and Medical Management

11516 (6546) Caregiver Training

11520 (2226) Confidentiality When Working With Individuals With HIV

11521 Children With HIV Who Are in DFPS Conservatorship

11521.1 (6547) Confidentiality of a Child's HIV Status (new title)

11521.2 (6545) Notification About a Child's HIV Status (new title)

11522 (2226.1) Release of HIV Status

11523 (2226.2) The Court System

11600 Behavioral (Mental Health) Services

11610 (6529) Inpatient Mental Health Treatment

11611 (6529.1) Voluntary Admission to Inpatient Mental Health Facility and Consent to Treatment

11612 (6529.2) Emergency Detention Order and Order for Protective Custody

11613 (6529.3) Involuntary Commitment Order for Mental Health Services

11614 (6529.4) Summary of Admission and Consent to Medical and Psychiatric Treatment Process

11615 (6529.5) Notification of Placement Staff and Star Health

11700 Extraordinary Medical Conditions

11710 (6524) Enrollment and Participation in Certain Drug Research Programs

11711 (6524.1) Consent by Parent to Enroll Child in Drug Research Program or Administer Investigational New Drug

11712 (6524.2) DFPS Actions When a Physician Recommends Enrollment In a Drug Research Program

11713 (6524.3) Documentation in IMPACT of Enrollment in Drug Research Program or Administration of Investigational New Drug

11720 (6522) Withholding and Withdrawing Life Sustaining Treatment

11730 (6523) Organ Donation / Anatomical Gifts

11750 Abortion Services

11751 (10620) When a Youth is Pregnant

11752 (10621) The DFPS Requirements to Inform Parents and Caretakers About Abortion-Related Information

11753 (10622) When a Physician May Perform an Abortion for a Youth in Conservatorship

11754 (10623) DFPS Appointed as Guardian Ad Litem for Youth in Conservatorship for Judicial Bypass Proceedings

11755 (10624) Documenting Abortion-Related Information for Youth in Conservatorship


Appendix 11000 (Appendix 6520-A): STAR Health – Provider for Most Children in DFPS Conservatorship

Appendix 11211-A (Appendix 6520-B): Texas Health Steps – Obtained Through STAR Health or Traditional Medicaid

Appendix 11211-B (Appendix 6520-C): Traditional Medicaid – For Children Not Eligible for STAR Health

Appendix 11512 (Appendix 6529.2): Emergency Detention Order and Order for Protective Custody

Appendix 11513 (Appendix 6529.3): Involuntary Commitment for Mental Health Services


Cross-references to the sections being moved were updated throughout the handbook. See:

1911 Determining Eligibility for Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Services

2391 Exceptions to Confidentiality of Abortion-Related Information

2394.51 Assisting the Minor in Applying for Judicial Bypass

3152.2 Documenting the Removal of a Child From His or Her Home

3153.3 Providing Notification of Removal After Reunification

3164 Required Content of the Family Service Plan

3173 Children in DFPS Conservatorship Living at Home

5252 Emergency Removal From the Child's Parents Without a Court Order

5351 The 60-Day Status Hearing

5362 Notifying the Court

6318.3 Plans for Children When Placement Is Unavailable

6322.43 The Duties of a Kinship Development Caseworker

6571.3 Special Issues While Transporting

6720 Services at Discharge from Substitute Care

6730 Supervision, Dismissal, Continuation, and Closure

10465 Medical Consenter Issues and Documentation

10630 Youth Parents in DFPS Conservatorship

Appendix 6720: Discharging Children from Substitute Care

Appendix 10130: Documentation for Youth Changing Placements or for Youth Transitioning Out of Foster Care