Child Protective Services Handbook Revision November 2012

This revision of the Child Protective Services Handbook was published on November 1, 2012. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

Eligibility for CPS Supervised Independent Living (SIL) Program (PATS 4232)

The items below are added and revised to document a supervised independent living (SIL) setting allowed under the federal Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act of 2008 (PL 110-351). This policy is clarified in the federal instruction on the Administration on Children, Youth, and Families website (ACYF-CB-PI-10-11) (July 9, 2011). CPS adopted rules reflecting this law on February 12, 2012. SIL placements can begin on or after December 1, 2012.


10400 Extending Foster Care for Young Adults Who Are 18 or Older

10410 Qualifying for Extended Foster Care

10440 General Eligibility Issues

10441 Temporary Absences From Extended Foster Care

10443 Young Adult With Dependent Children

10480 Supervised Independent Living (SIL)

10481 Overview of SIL

10481.1 Purpose of SIL

10481.2 Responsibilities of Young Adults While in an SIL Setting

10482 Types of SIL Settings

10483 Eligibility for Supervised Independent Living (SIL) Placements

10483.1 Additional Requirements

10483.2 Annual Eligibility Review

10484 Referral, Assessment, and Approval Process for the Supervised Independent Living (SIL) Program

10484.1 Referral for SIL Placement Readiness

10484.2 Prescreening for SIL Placement

10484.3 SIL Application and Assessment

10484.4 Referral to the SIL Coordinator in State Office

10484.41 Approval by the SIL Coordinator in State Office

10484.5 Referral to and Approval by a DFPS SIL Provider

10484.6 Young Adult Not Accepted Into a SIL Placement

10484.61 DFPS Denies a Young Adult’s Application

10484.62 Review of SIL Determination

10484.63 SIL Provider Denies a Young Adult’s Application

10484.7 Reapplication After SIL Application Is Denied

10485 Initial Placement Process

10485.1 IMPACT Process

10485.2 Notifications

10485.3 Service Plan Assessment Update

10486 Subsequent Placement Process With the Same DFPS SIL Provider

10487 Ongoing Caseworker Duties During SIL Placement

10487.1 Monitoring a Young Adult’s Progress

10487.11 Monthly Contacts

10487.12 Transition Plan Meetings

10487.2 Collaborations With the DFPS SIL Provider

10487.3 Documentation of Young Adults with Dependent Children

10488 Temporary Absences From the SIL Program

10489 Discharges From the SIL Program

10489.1 Planned SIL Discharge

10489.11 Change of DFPS SIL Providers

10489.12 Discharge From the SIL Program to a Traditional Extended Foster Care Setting

10489.13 Transition Plan Review for Discharge From SIL and Extended Foster Care to Independence or Trial Independence

10489.2 Emergency Discharge From the SIL Program

10489.21 Emergency Discharge from the SIL Program to Trial Independence

10489.3 Additional Discharge Actions

10490 Discharge From Extended Foster Care

10491 Planned Discharge From Extended Foster Care

10492 Emergency Discharge From Extended Foster Care

10492.1 Actions to Prevent an Unplanned Discharge

10493 Discharge to Trial Independence

A cross-reference was updated in:

10130 Documents Given to Youth Who Are Transitioning to Adulthood