Child Protective Services

Handbook Revision, July 2013

This revision of the Child Protective Services Handbook was published on July 1, 2013. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

Services to Children and Families Who Are Not US Citizens (PATS 3849)

Services to Children and Families Who Are Not US Citizens

This section of the handbook is revised to reflect changes in the names of federal agencies and the DFPS automation system, and also refines and reorganizes content. This revision incorporates PSA 12-109 (8/6/2012), 11-044 (3/7/2011)


6700 International and Immigration Services

6710 Immigration Issues

6711 Services to Children and Families Who Are Not U.S. Citizens

6712 Citizenship and Immigration Status Categories

6713 Impact of Citizenship and Immigration Status on Permanency

6714 Opportunities for Undocumented Foster Children

6715 Caseworker Responsibility for Citizenship and Immigration

6716 Contacts With the Immigration Authorities

6717 Working With the Foreign Consulate

6718 Transportation of Undocumented Persons

6719 Services to Parents Who Reside Outside of the Country

6720 Home Studies in Foreign Countries

6721 Placements in a Foreign Country

6722 Procedure for International Placement

6723 “U” Visa Certification Requests

The items below contain updated cross-references to the items above.

1532.2 Citizenship or Immigration Status

10260 Administration of PAL Services