Child Protective Services

Handbook Revision,October 2013

This revision of the Child Protective Services Handbook was published on October 1, 2013. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

Child Trafficking (PATS 5642)

The items below are revised to add or change the definitions of abuse or neglect. Under the category of abuse, the definition related to child trafficking is added in accordance with §261.001(1)(L) of the Texas Family Code, and the definition of sexual abuse in §261.001(1)(G) of the Family Code is revised. Under the category of neglect, a definition of Neglectful Supervision (NSUP) is added.


2113 Statutory Definitions of Child Abuse and Neglect

2113.1 Definitions of Abuse [new item]

2113.2 Definitions of Neglect [new item]

Revisions to Evidence-Related Policies (PATS 5578)

The following items are revised for consistency with other DFPS policies and with regional practice. Revisions provide clarification on items which must not and should not be kept in the physical case records.


2337 Documentary Evidence Needed for the Case Record

2337.1 Documentary Evidence to Support Allegation Dispositions [new item]

2337.2 Documentary Evidence to Support the Safety and Risk Assessments [new item]

2337.3 Other External Case Information [new item]

2337.4 Information Not Allowed in the External File [new item]

2337.5 Information available in IMPACT Not Necessary for External Documentation [new item]

2337.6 Documenting External Evidence in IMPACT [new item]

2337.7 A Child’s School Records

The following items are revised to link to support pages on photography; to update policy on the consent requirements for photographs, the deleting or altering of photographs, and the storage of digital photographs; and to explain how to upload photographs into IMPACT. Changes have been made to how workers should deal with digital photographs taken by non-DFPS employees and labeling requirements for printed photographs.


2380 Photographs as Evidence

2381 Camera-Related Requirements

2382 Consent and Authority to Photograph and Documentation of Persons Present When Photographs Are Taken

2383 Photographing the General Appearance of a Child

2384 Photographing a Child’s Injuries

2385 Photographing the Physical Evidence and Incident Scenes

2386 Photographing the Home and Living Environment

2387 Deleting or Altering Photographs

2388 Storage of Digital Photographs in IMPACT

2389 Storing Prints of Photographs in the Paper Case File

Appendix 2337.1 is deleted because it is outdated and is adequately covered in item 2337.7