Child Protective Services

Handbook Revision, December 2013

This revision of the Child Protective Services Handbook was published on December 4, 2013. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

Legal Services (PATS 6012)

Section 5000 Legal Services and all of its appendices is restructured, revised, rewritten, and amended in its entirety, except for a section on court actions related to adoption that will be published separately.

See the conversion table for references to the old and new locations of policy in the revised section.

CPS staff were informed about the policy explained in 5310 The Requirement for Staff to Elevate Certain Court Orders and its subitems, with the issuance of PSA 12-038 on October 17, 2011.

CPS staff were informed about the policy explained in 5520 The Family’s Service and Visitation Plans: Filing and Review Requirements, with the issuance of the following PSAs:

  •  12-003, issued on September 6, 2011

  •  12-070, issued on March 5, 2012

CPS staff were informed about the policy explained in 5530 Permanency Hearings for Children Under Temporary DFPS Conservatorship and 5580 Placement Review Hearings for Children Under Permanent DFPS Conservatorship, with the issuance of PSAs:

  •  11-078, issued on July 18, 2011

  •  14-002, issued September 3, 2013


New Section 5000

New Section 5000 Appendices

In other sections of the handbook, the items below were revised to reflect updated policy in section 5000. See:

2520 Determine the Basis of Authority for Removing a Child

2531 Provide Notice and Gather Information Following a Removal

2532 Notification at Removal

2532.1 [new item] Who Gets Notice of a Removal and When

2532.2 [new item] Contents of Notice of Removal

2532.3 [new item] Delivering Notice of Removal

2533 Gather Information About Child and Family

2534 Form 2279 Placement Summary

2535 Form 2626 Family Information

2535.1 [new item] A Child Adopted From a Foreign Country

2536 Form 2625 Child Caregiver Resource

2537 Establish Relationships Using Family Tree in IMPACT When Children Are Removed

2537.1 [new item] Using Family Tree to Establish Relationships for Each Child Who Has the Role of Principal in a Case

2537.2 [new item] When to Start and Finish the Family Tree in IMPACT

4271 Court-Ordered Placements in Unapproved Facilities

6717 Working With the Foreign Consulate

Cross-references were updated in the items below:

1243 Right to Refuse Services and Consequences of Refusal

1431.1 References for Detailed Case Recording Requirements

2364.2 Identifying and Locating Parents and Guardians

2421 Removing an Alleged Perpetrator From the Home and Developing a Corresponding Safety Plan

2467 Requesting That the Court Order FBSS

2542 The Contents of the Notice to Relatives Following the Removal of a Child

2724 Investigating Cases Under the Baby Moses Law

2744.5 Concurrent Judicial Bypass Proceedings

2745 Removal Involving a Minor Who Wants or Had an Abortion Without Her Family Knowing

2799 When a Custody Order or Abduction Suit Involves a Foreign Country

3110 Philosophy, Goals, and Objectives

3113 General Criteria for Providing FBSS

3610 Children in DFPS Conservatorship Living at Home

3732 Documenting the Removal of a Child From His or Her Home

4121 Required Issues to Consider

4131 Discussing the Move

4272 Abuse and Neglect Investigations of Placements Regulated by RCCL

4272 Abuse and Neglect Investigations of Placements Regulated by RCCL

6110 Before Removing a Child and Placing the Child in Substitute Care

6123 Locating Relatives and Providing Notice of Removal

6131.1 Documentation of Monthly Contacts and Visits

6132 Documentation of Legal Activity

6212.1 Family Reunification

6214.2 Documenting the Permanency Plan

6218 Discussion of Efforts Made to Achieve the Permanency Goal

6251 The Child’s Service Plan

6252 The Family's Service Plan

6252.6 Filing the Family Service Plan With the Court

6260 Case Plan Review

6263 Enforcement of the Family Service Plan

6265 Participation in the Case Plan Review

6271 Periodic Review

6314.1 Minor Child Missing from Foster Care Placement

6314.2 When a Missing Child Returns to Care

6412.3 Review the Family Service Plan

6414 Ongoing Efforts to Achieve Permanency When DFPS Obtains Permanent Managing Conservatorship Without Termination of Parental Rights

6415.1 The Right to Regular Contact

6417 Working With Military Families

6418.2 Locating a Parent Who is Incarcerated

6491 Services Preceding Discharge

6512 Notifying Persons Outside of DFPS When a Child Dies While in Substitute Care

6524.4 Meeting and Consulting With TJJD Staff

6910 Criteria and Types of Service

6923 Assessing the Child's Readiness

8521.31 Identifying Required Services

9311.3 Information About the Child for an ICPC Placement Request

10421 Within 90 Days Before the Youth’s 18th Birthday

10422 As Soon as Possible After the 18th Birthday

10442.1 Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) Guardianship

10462 Casework Activity

10491 Planned Discharge From Extended Foster Care

10510 Trial Independence

10575 Restarting Court Reviews

10641 Marriage of Youth in Conservatorship

11130 Medical Consent by Minor Youth

11751 When a Youth Is Pregnant

11752 The DFPS Requirement to Inform Parents and Caregivers About Abortion-Related Information

11753 When a Physician May Perform an Abortion on a Youth in Conservatorship

11754 When DFPS Is Appointed as Guardian Ad Litem for a Youth Who Has Applied for Judicial Bypass

Appendix 3620: Services to Abused or Neglected, Unmarried, School-Age Parents (Practice Suggestions)