Child Protective Services

Handbook Revision, May 2014

This revision of the Child Protective Services Handbook was published on May 1, 2014. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

New Referrals on Open CVS Cases (PATS 6787)

The items below have been updated to outline the eligibility requirements for Adoption Assistance. See:

2431.6 When a PCSP is Used in an Open Conservatorship Case

2760 Investigations of New Referrals in Open Conservatorship (CVS) Cases

2761 Preliminary Staffing

2762 Legal Staffing

2763 Pre-Dispositional Staffing

2770 When a Mother in an Open Conservatorship Case is Pregnant

2771 Staffing the Case During the Pregnancy

2772 Legal Intervention

2773 When the Baby is Born

6150 Caseworker’s Duty to Report Abuse and Neglect in an Open CVS Cases

6160 When a Mother in an Open CVS Case is Pregnant

6170 Parental Child Safety Placements in CVS Cases

Case Planning (PATS 3687)

This policy is updated in its entirety to reflect licensing standards and Fostering Connections.

CPS staff were informed of this policy with the issuance of the following PSAs and PSIs:

PSI 05-013, issued December 22, 2004

PSI 11-030, issued May 4, 2009

PSA 12-003, issued January 6, 2011

PSA 12-070, issued March 7, 2002


6240 Case Planning

6241 Principles of Case Planning

6241.1 Family Engagement

6241.2 Assessments of Child and Family

6241.3 Targeted Services

6241.4 Tracking, Evaluating and Adjusting the Case Plan

6242 Case Planning Overview

6242.1 Case Plan Description

6243 Case Planning Process

6243.1 Entry Into Care

6243.2 Removal Staffing

6243.3 Initial Assessment and Plan

6243.31 Update of Family Tree Before the Initial Child’s Service Plan

6243.32 Initial Assessment Services

6243.4 Service Plan Updates

6243.5 Discontinuing Service Planning

6250 The Child’s Service Plan

6251 Basic Description of the Child’s Service Plan

6251.1 Child Plan of Service Types

6251.2 Exception to the Requirement of a Child’s Service Plan

6252 Participation in Development of the Child's Service Plan

6252.1 Joint Case Planning With Parents

6252.2 Involving Children and Youth in Case Planning

6253 Documenting and Approving the Child's Service Plan

6254 Distributing the Child's Service Plan

6260 The Family Service Plan

6261 Description

6261.1 The Family Plan for Children Under Age Two

6261.2 Family Plan of Service Types

6262 Service Plan Requirement

6262.1 Exceptions to the Requirement for a Family Service Plan

6263 Time Frames for Developing and Approving the Family Service Plan

6264 Developing the Family Service Plan Jointly with Each Parent

6264.1 Ensuring Parental Participation in the Development of the Family Service Plan

6264.11 Incarcerated Parents

6264.12 Noncustodial Parents

6264.13 Parents Outside of Jurisdiction

6264.2 Engaging Parents and Families in the Development of the Family Service Plan

6264.21 Engagement of Family Members

6264.22 Refusal to Cooperate

6265 Documenting and Approving the Family Service Plan

6265.1 Foster Care Candidacy

6266 Filing the Family Service Plan With the Court

6267 Enforcing the Family Service Plan

6270 Case Plan Review

6271 Children Receiving Treatment Services

6271.1 Frequency of Review

6271.2 Procedure

6271.3 Distribution

Appendix 6242 Federal Law Pertinent to Case Planning

Appendix 6250 Guide for Completing the Child Plan of Service

Appendix 6260 Legal Requirements for the Family Plan of Service

Foster Care and Adoption by CPS Employees (PATS 5413)

The item below is added to provide the guidance required by DFPS minimum standards and HHSC human resources policy. See:

7620 Foster Care and Adoption: Avoiding a Conflict of Interest

The items below are revised or added to clarify the policies on foster care and adoption by CPS employees. See:

7621 General Guidelines for Regional Directors and Designees

7622 Restrictions on FAD Verifying or Approving DFPS Employees and Others Who Have Close Ties to DFPS

7623 CPS Employees Who Seek to Become Foster Parents

7623.1 The Eligibility of CPS Employees to Become Foster Parents

7623.2 The Eligibility of CPS Job Applicants to Remain Foster Parents

7624 CPS Employees Who Seek to Adopt

7624.1 The Eligibility of CPS Employees to Adopt a Child Who Is a Relative or Fictive Kin

7624.2 The Eligibility of CPS Employees to Adopt a Child Not Related to Them

7624.21 Adopting a Child Other Than a Specific Child

7624.22 Adopting a Specific Child

7624.3 The Process for CPS Employees to Adopt

7624.31 When a CPS Employee Seeks to Adopt a Child Related to the Employee

7624.32 When a CPS Employee Seeks to Adopt a Child Not Related to the Employee

Renumbered Items

The following items are renumbered or deleted to accommodate changes made by this revision. The content of the deleted items is incorporated into other CPS policies. The content of the renumbered items is under review.


7640 [previously 7633] When Foster Families Move

7641 [previously 7634] Inactive Foster Homes

7635 Special Considerations in Foster Group Homes

7636 Foster Families that Adopt

7642 [previously 7637] Solicitation of Funds

7640 Special Considerations Regarding Adoptive Parents

7641 Adoption by DFPS Employees

Supervised Independent Living (PATS 6652)

The items below have been revised to reflect the goal of strengthening the experience of independence for young adults while in supervised independent living settings.


10481.1 Purpose of SIL

10481.2 Rights and Responsibilities of Young Adults While in an SIL Setting

10483.2 Annual Eligibility Review

10484.63 SIL Provider Denies a Young Adult’s Application

10485 Initial Placement Process

10485.1 IMPACT Process

10485.3 Service Plan Assessment Update

10489 Discharges From the SIL Program

10489.13 Transition Plan Review for Discharge From SIL and Extended Foster Care to Independence or Trial Independence