Child Protective Services

Handbook Revision, October 2016

This revision of the Child Protective Services Handbook was published on October 3, 2016.

CPS wants to ensure that the general public understands what critical actions caseworkers are required to perform and why. To further this understanding, CPS has set up a policy e-mail box for the general public: Please feel free to contact us, via this email address, with any general questions related to policy.

For questions or concerns regarding specific cases, please contact the caseworker or supervisor, or the Office of Consumer Affairs at 1-800-720-7777.

Adoption by DFPS Employees (PATS 9467)

A waiver procedure has been added to the policy on DFPS employees who want to foster or adopt children in DFPS conservatorship. This is documented in the internal cross-program policy DFPS-8103 Fostering or Adopting of Children in DFPS Conservatorship by DFPS Employees, located on the DFPS Intranet. Only policy unique to CPS is published in this handbook. Titles in this handbook that previously contained only links to the internal policy are removed with this revision.

CPS policy has not been affected by the addition of the waiver procedure. See:

7810 Avoiding a Conflict of Interest When DFPS Employees Apply to Foster or Adopt

7811 General Guidelines for Program Administrators and Designees

7811 7812 Restrictions on FAD Verifying or Approving DFPS Employees and Others Who Have Close Ties to DFPS [this policy has not changed]

7811.1 Requesting a Waiver to the Policy Requirements for Fostering or Adopting a Child in DFPS Conservatorship by a DFPS Employee

7813 When CPS Employees Seek to Become Foster Parents of a Child in DFPS Conservatorship

7813.1 The Eligibility of CPS Employees to Become Foster Parents

7813.2 The Eligibility of CPS Job Applicants to Remain Foster Parents

7814 When CPS Employees Seek to Adopt a Child in DFPS Conservatorship

7814.1 The Eligibility of CPS Employees to Adopt a Child Who Is a Relative or Fictive Kin

7814.2 The Eligibility of CPS Employees to Adopt a Specific Child That Is Not Related to the Employee and Is Not a Fictive Kin

7814.3 The Eligibility of a CPS Employee to Adopt a Non-Specific Child