Child Protective Services

Handbook Revision, May 1, 2017

This revision of the Child Protective Services Handbook was published on May 1, 2017.

CPS wants to ensure that the general public understands what critical actions caseworkers are required to perform and why. To further this understanding, CPS has set up a policy e-mail box for the general public: Please feel free to contact us, via this email address, with any general questions related to policy.

For questions or concerns regarding specific cases, please contact the caseworker or supervisor, or the Office of Consumer Affairs at 1-800-720-7777.

CPS Documentation and Contact Entry (PATS 9877)

This revision:

  •   adds language that clarifies requirements for entering contact documentation in IMPACT within 24 hours of contact or attempted contact;

  •   specifies that a caseworker must complete documentation the next day if he or she is unable to finish documentation and related tasks on the day of contact; and

  •   specifies other situations in which documentation must be made within 24 hours.


1430 Case Recording


2220 Documentation

2221 Documentation and Same Day Contact Entry for Alleged Victims and Other Children

2222 Case Activities Requiring 24 Hour Documentation

2223 All Other Documentation


2510 General Provisions


2512 Documentation and Same Day Contact Entry

2512.1 Same Day Contact Entry

2512.2 Case Activities Requiring 24 Hour Documentation

2512.3 All Other Documentation


2621 Documentation and Contact Entry

2621.1 Same Day Contact Entry with Alleged Victims and Other Children

2621.2 Case Activities Requiring 24 Hour Documentation

2621.3 All Other Documentation

2622 2621 Initial Contacts

2622.1 2621.1 Contact Time Frames

2622.2 2621.2 Unable to Make Contact

2622.3 2621.3 Unable to Locate

2622.4 2621.4 Initial Face-to-Face Contact

2622.5 2621.5 Family Member Not Present

2622.6 2621.6 Family Refusal to Participate

2623 2622 Initial Contact Tasks

2623.1 2622.1 Initial Tasks

2623.2 2622.2 Contact with Collaterals

2623.3 2622.3 Family Refusal to Cooperate At Any Time

2624 2623 Initial Safety and Family Needs Assessment

2625 2624 Ongoing Contacts

2626 2625 Alternative Response Family Plan

2626.1 2625.1 Completing the Plan

2626.2 2625.2 Documenting the Plan in IMPACT

2626.3 2625.2 Addressing Active Safety Threats to a Child