Licensing Policy and Procedure Handbook Revision January 2011

This revision of the Licensing Policy and Procedures Handbook was published on January 3, 2011. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

Enforcement Recommendations

Section 4500 Evaluating Risk to Children is revised to clarify risk assessment procedures and better detail the expectations for reviewing and documenting Enforcement Recommendations – both for Licensing inspectors and supervisors. Additionally, the time frames for inspectors to review Enforcement Recommendations are being extended from two days to five days. See:

Display of Revisions with Changes Highlighted (Word Document)

4500 Evaluating Risk to Children

4510 The CLASS Risk Review and Enforcement Recommendations

4511 Enforcement Action Options

4512 Acting on Enforcement Recommendations

4512.1 Actions Requiring Supervisory Approval

4512.2 Supervisor Responsibilities

The following item is revised to add a time frame requirement for conducting inspections during evaluation and probation and specifies the procedures for conducting inspections less frequently than the 30-day time frame. See:

7435 Inspecting During Evaluation and Probation

The Definition of Terms is revised to replace the definition of the term monitoring plan with the term monitoring frequency and to add the term recommended monitoring frequency. See:

Definition of Terms

Monitoring Agency Home Sampling

Section 4422 of the LPPH is updated as it relates to monitoring agency home sampling. New technology has changed business practices in this area. The policy is reviewed and updated, and the section is reorganized.

Display of Revisions with Changes Highlighted (Word Document)

4422 Random-Sample Monitoring of CPA Foster Homes

4423 Using Random-Sample Monitoring to Regulate a Child-Placing Agency

4423.1 Citing Deficiencies Based on Random-Sampling Inspection Results

4424 Selecting Foster Homes for Random-Sampling Inspections

4424.1 Pre-Screening Foster Homes Selected for Random-Sampling

4424.2 When a Foster Home is Screened Out

4425 Preparing for Random-Sampling Inspections

4425.1 Requesting Records

4425.11 If Requested Records are Not Received Timely

4425.2 Reviewing Records

4425.3 Scheduling the Inspection

4426 Conducting Random-Sampling Inspections

4426.1 Immediate Hazards

4426.2 When Abuse or Neglect Is Reported or Observed

4426.3 Attempted Inspections

4427 Documenting Random-Sampling Inspections

4427.1 Documenting Attempted Inspections

4428 Retaining Records of Random-Sampling Inspections