Child Care Licensing

Handbook Revision, February 2013

This revision of the Licensing Policy and Procedures Handbook was published on February 1, 2013. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

Update Fee Policy for Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)

The items below are revised to address policy on fee payments made when there are insufficient funds to cover a check, and to ensure that all required fees are collected before a license is issued. The current fee form (2988) is replaced with separate fee forms specific to various operation types.

Display of Revisions With Changes Highlighted (Word Document)


4300 Conducting a Follow-Up With an Operation

5200 Fees

5210 Types of Fees

5211 Exemptions From Fees

5212 Requesting and Processing Application and Initial Fees

5313 Requesting and Processing the First Annual Fee for Licensed Operations

5220 Fee Schedules and Consequences When Fees Are Not Paid

5221 Licensed Operations – Fee Chart

5225 Fees for Background Checks

5226 Operations With a Compliance Certification – Fee Chart

5230 Fees for Multiple Licenses

5240 Fees for Amended Licenses

5250 Fee Refund Guideline

5260 Verification of Fee Payment

5270 Fee Notice Is Returned

5271 Licensed and Registered Operations

5271.1 Inspector Determines Operation Is Operating During the Inspection

5271.2 Inspector Determines Operation Is Not Operating During Inspection

5271.3 No One Is Present at the Operation During Inspection

5272 Listed Family Homes