Child Care Licensing

Handbook Revision, May 2013

This revision of the Licensing Policy and Procedures Handbook was published on May 1, 2013. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

Licensing Investigations

The items below are revised to change the times within which investigators are required to send notification letters. Titles of some items are reworded for clarity and other minor changes are made.

Display of Revisions with Changes Highlighted (Word Document)


6421.1 Observing and Interviewing Alleged Victims (Abuse or Neglect Only)

6422.1 Interviewing Alleged Perpetrators

6520 Investigation of a Child’s Death

6521 Actions Taken in the First 24 Hours

6523.3 Notifications Within DFPS

6524 Completing the Child Death Report in CLASS

6525 Staffing an Investigation of a Child's Death

6526 Completing the Investigation of a Child's Death

6526.2 Completing the Investigation Before the Results of the Autopsy Are Received

6527 Documenting the Investigation of a Child’s Death

6528 Closing the Investigation of a Child's Death

6529.1 Completing Form 2058a to Release Information About a Child’s Death

6622.4 Roles of Persons Involved in the Investigation

Appendix 6000-1: Time Frames for Investigations