Child Care Licensing

Handbook Revision, October 2013

This revision of the Licensing Policy and Procedures Handbook was published on October 1, 2013. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

CLASS Search Function: Updates to 1000, 3000, 4000, 5400, 6000, 9000 (PATS 6382)

The following items are revised to add policy and procedures on the Search function in the CLASS system.

Display of Revisions With Changes Highlighted (Word Document)


1500 Conducting a Search in CLASS

1510 Types of Searches in CLASS

1520 When to Conduct Searches in CLASS

1521 When to Conduct an Operation Search in CLASS

1522 When to Conduct a Background Check – Results Search in CLASS

1523 When to Conduct a Controlling Person Search in CLASS

1524 When to Conduct a Global Person Search in CLASS

1530 How to Conduct a Search in CLASS

1531 Conducting a Search in CLASS That Yields Phonetic Search Results

1532 Conducting a Search in CLASS That Yields Exact Search Results

1533 Conducting a Global Person Search in CLASS to Obtain All Records on an Individual

1600 Validating an Address in CLASS

1610 When and How to Validate an Address in CLASS

1620 Addresses That Are Not Validated

1621 When a Validation Check in CLASS Does Not Return a Valid Address

1622 When an Address That Is Not Validated Is Submitted Through the DFPS Public and Provider Website

1623 Routinely Attempting to Validate Addresses Not Validated in CLASS

1630 How to Enter a Valid Address

3242 How to Evaluate an Application for a Permit

4140 Preparing for Inspections

4141 Preparing for All Inspections Except Investigation Inspections

4171 Discussing the Results of an Inspection

5350 Acting on the Results of a Criminal History Check

5351 Determining Appropriate Actions Based on Criminal History

5430 Processing and Reviewing the Information on Controlling Persons Submitted by an Operation

5431 Processing Information on a Controlling Person Before Issuing a Permit

5432 Processing Information on New Controlling Persons When Submitted by an Operation That Has a Permit

6342.2 Reviewing the Alleged Perpetrator’s Investigation History

Reporter Notifications (PATS 6312)

This revision includes the application process for illegal operations and changes to handling illegal operation investigation procedures, and adds a section for worker safety.

Display of Revisions With Changes Highlighted (Word Document)


3120 Documentation

3121 Initiating an Application in CLASS

6251.2 Entering Reports of Illegal Operations

6251.3 Encouraging a Reporter to Disclose His or Her Identity

6251.4 Processing the Intake Report

6450 Conducting Surveillance (Day Care Only)

6480 Worker Safety

6550 Investigations of Illegal Operations

6551 Conducting Searches to Determine Priority

6552 Prioritizing Investigations of Illegal Operations

6553 Initiating the Investigation

6554 Conducting the Investigation of an Illegal Operation

6554.1 Conducting the Investigation When An Address Is Known

6554.2 Conducting Investigations When Only a Phone Number Is Known

6554.3 Conducting Investigations When Only a Phone Number Is Known

6555 Obtaining Consent to Enter an Illegal Operation

6555.1 Obtaining a Court Order to Gain Access

6555 Conducting the Investigation

6565 Requesting an Illegal Operation to Cease Operating

6557 Procedures When an Illegal Operation Is Determined to Be Not Subject to Regulation