Child Care Licensing

Handbook Revision, August 18, 2014

This revision of the Licensing Policy and Procedures Handbook was published on August 18, 2014. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

Investigating a Child's Death (PATS 7357-CCL)

The following items are revised to explain how to document in the IMPACT and CLASS systems when a child dies from abuse or neglect. The changes were passed during the 81st legislative session.


6520 Investigation of a Child's Death

6521 Actions Taken in the First 24 Hours

6521.1 Entering Person Details in IMPACT

6521.2 Answering the Question About the Child Fatality Allegation in IMPACT

6521.3 6522 Assessing the Safety of Other Children in Care

6521.4 6523 Notifications of a Child's Death

6521.41 6523.1 Notifying Law Enforcement About a Child's Death

6521.42 6523.2 Notification Regarding the Death of a Child Younger Than Age 6

6521.43 6523.3 Notifications Within DFPS

6521.6 6524 Completing the Preliminary Child Death Report in CLASS

6521.7 6524.1 Distributing the Preliminary Child Death Report (Form 2899e) in CLASS

6525.1 Completing the 6524.2 Confirmed Child Death Report (Form 2899e) in CLASS

6522 6525 Staffing an Investigation of a Child's Death

6524 6526 Completing the Investigation of a Child's Death

6524.1 Reason for a Child's Death

6524.2 Severity

6524.3 Final Medical Examiner's Findings

6524.4 Death Related to Restraints

6524.5 6526.1 When an Extension Is Needed to Obtain Autopsy Results

6524.6 6526.2 Completing the Investigation Before the Results of the Autopsy Are Received

6525.2 Distributing the Confirmed Child Death Report

6523 6527 Documenting the Investigation of a Child's Death

6521.5 6527.1 Entering Preliminary Findings Related to a Child's Death Cause and Manner of Death

6527.2 Documentation in IMPACT

6525 6528 Closing the Investigation of a Child's Death

6526 6529 Release of Information of When a Child Dies at a Residential Care Operation

6526.1 6529.1 Completing the SB1050a Report Form 2058a to Release Information About a Child's Death

6526.2 6529.2 Completing Form 2058b When the Finding for a Child's Death Is Reason to Believe

6725 Medical Examiner's Findings

6725 6726 Notification Dates

6725.1 6726.1 Extension Approval

Appendix 6000-2: Checklist for Reporting Child Death


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