Child Care Licensing

Handbook Revision, September 2016

This revision of the Licensing Policy and Procedures Handbook was published on September 1, 2016. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

Background Checks and Fees (PATS 9427)

The items below are revised to reflect new rules, effective September 1 2016, which require that:

  •  listed, registered, and licensed homes are among the operations that require FBI fingerprint checks; and

  •  background checks are no longer included in the application fee or annual fee for a listed home.

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5221 Licensed Operations Fee Chart

5222 Registered Homes Fee Chart

5223 Listing Fee Chart

5224 Administrator's License Fee Chart

5225 Fees for Background Checks

5225 5226 Operations With a Compliance Certification - Fee Chart


5313 Persons For Whom Fingerprint-Based Background Checks Are Required


5315 When Background Checks Are Required


5354 Handling Disputed Criminal Histories