Records Management Group Handbook

Handbook Revision, September 2016

The Records Management Group Handbook was published on September 16, 2016.

New Records Management Group Policy Handbook (PATS 9237)

This new policy handbook incorporates all existing policies currently belonging to the Records Management Group (RMG), as well as new policies to address RMG responsibilities. Internal resources and procedures pertaining to this handbook are posted on the DFPS intranet. RMG operating policies are incorporated into the handbook as follows:

  •  OP-4102 Retention and Disposal of DFPS Records was incorporated into 4000 Records Retention and Disposal.

  •  OP-4106 Documentation of Instant, Text, and Voice Mail Message Records was incorporated into 2510 Instant Messages, Text Messages, and Voice Mails.

  •  OP-4107 Forms Management was incorporated into 5100 Forms Management.

  •  OP-4108 Handling Criminal History Record Information was incorporated into 2540 Handling Criminal History Record Information.

  •  OP-4109 Maintenance of Physical Files was incorporated into 2612 Handling Physical Case Files.

  •  OP-4110 Release of Redacted School Investigation Reports was incorporated into 3372 Dissemination of Redacted CPS School Investigative Case Records.