Handbook Revision, July 2017

This revision of the Records Management Group Handbook was published on July 3, 2017.

Update 3330 Request from OOS Protective Agency (PATS 10109)

  •   Requests from out-of-state protective agencies for redacted copies of case records can no longer be accepted on form F-505-4885L. These requests should now be submitted through a letter on the protective agency’s letter head. The letter can be sent via fax, mail, or email. If sent by email, the letter on the agency’s letterhead must be attached.

  •   In addition, references to internal RMG procedural manuals throughout the handbook were deleted, as these are only available internally to DFPS staff. A note mentioning that these manuals exist internally for staff was added to section 1000. See:

1000 Introduction and Overview

3330 Requests from Out-Of-State Protective Agencies Protection Agency