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2200 Specialized SWI Units

2210 E-Unit

SWI Policy and Procedures January 2015

The E-Unit's primary responsibility is to process reports submitted through the Internet, which are known as E-Reports. Additionally, staff in the E-Unit also:

  •   process all re-entry requests made through the re-entry queue by DFPS staff;

  •   process all Out of State (OOS) requests for DFPS history searches; and

  •   complete Texas DPS criminal history checks for CPS staff, on the rare occasion when the requestor cannot access IMPACT and no other CPS staff are available.

See 3310 Internet Reports (E-Reports).

2220 Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Criminal History Check

SWI Policy and Procedures January 2015

CPS staff use DPS criminal history checks for determining the appropriateness and safety of voluntary placements for children or when directed to do so by the courts. Intake staff assigned to the E-Unit may occasionally be asked to complete DPS criminal history checks and DFPS history searches for CPS staff. These requests should only be made when the requestor cannot access IMPACT and no other CPS staff are available.

See 4810 Types of Case-Related Special Requests (CRSRs) Entered by SWI.

2230 Project HIP (Helping Through Intervention and Prevention)

SWI Policy and Procedures June 2015

Project HIP (Helping through Intervention and Prevention) is a cooperative effort between DSHS Vital Statistics and DFPS. The goal of Project HIP is to prevent the abuse and neglect of children by providing voluntary home visiting services to families with newborns, when the parents:

  •  have a prior history with CPS of an allegation of abuse or neglect that resulted in a child fatality;

  •  have had a termination of parental rights; or

  •  are foster youth in CPS care.

Statewide Intake does not have a unit dedicated to Project HIP. However, there are specific intake specialists tasked with reviewing and evaluating the information as it is received from DSHS. This group of staff make assessments based on standard SWI policy and procedures, and process either an intake or an I&R for services by HIP, as appropriate. 

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