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2713 Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS)

2713.1 Facilities Investigated by DSHS

SWI Policy and Procedures February 2010

DSHS is responsible for investigating allegations of abuse, neglect, exploitation, and issues concerning client and consumer rights issues in the following facilities:

  ·  Abortion center, ambulatory surgical center, birthing center, end stage renal disease facility, medical hospital, or special care facility, including a private psychiatric hospital

  ·  Comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation facility, outpatient physical therapy or speech pathology service, portable X-ray service, or rural health clinic

  ·  Narcotic treatment clinic or substance abuse treatment facilities

The DSHS complaint hotline phone number is 1-888-973-0022.

2713.2 SWI Responsibility

SWI Policy and Procedures February 2010

I&Rs Closed at SWI

During normal business hours, SWI may receive reports that involve situations under the authority of DSHS to investigate. If the intake specialist determines that the report is for DSHS, the intake specialist refers the reporter to DSHS and provides the phone number. If the reporter agrees to call, the intake specialist completes an I&R Referred to DSHS report, and saves and closes the I&R.

I&Rs Faxed to DSHS

In the following situations, the intake specialist completes an I&R Referred to DSHS and the report is processed according to established procedures (see 3630 I&R Assigned to Support Staff):

  ·  The reporter is unable or unwilling to contact DSHS.

  ·  The intake specialist determines it is a DSHS matter after the call with the reporter already has ended.

  · The information is received via Internet, fax, or mail.

For processing instructions, see 3631 I&Rs For Another Texas State Agency, Out-of State Agency, or Law Enforcement Agency.

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