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3200 Performing Searches

3210 Resource Directory

SWI Policy and Procedures August 2007

The Resource Directory is a searchable database containing:

  ·  all facilities that DFPS uses, and information about the type of services provided, the area served, and so on. Facilities include:

  ·  mental health facilities;

  ·  facilities for persons with intellectual disabilities; and

  ·  other facilities (for instance, residential child-care operations, day care centers, and so on).

  ·  law enforcement jurisdiction; (see 3144.1 Determining Law Enforcement Jurisdiction)

  ·  service providers;

  ·  hotlines;

  ·  schools;

All facilities licensed by DADS can be found using the Long Term Care Provider Search on the DADS website.

3211 Performing a Resource or Facility Search

SWI Policy and Procedures August 2007

Resource Search Page

Access the Resource Search page by either:

  ·  clicking the Resources tab; or

  ·  clicking the Search tab, and then the second-level Resource tab.

Enter the Search Criteria

Select the Resource Type. Enter at least the first two letters of the resource name.

As with many other searches in IMPACT, it is best to begin by entering only minimal data. Enter the minimum information first, and only add more if necessary to narrow the search. For example, if over 1,000 matches are found, narrow the search to find information.

Search entries may not match the resource name if too many letters are entered. The name must be entered exactly as it was spelled and punctuated when it was entered in the Resource Directory. However, the field is not case-sensitive, so capitalization does not affect the search.

When searching for a facility, particularly an HCSW, usually the most effective and efficient way to search is to enter the facility type and the zip code (at the bottom under location/area served). Searching by zip code results in a limited list of possible matches that can easily be reviewed for the correct facility address.


If two letters are entered, IMPACT brings back all results beginning with those two letters. If more than two letters are entered, IMPACT will bring back all results that have those letters together. Entering Ander will bring back Anderson, Sanders, and any other name where those five letters are together in sequence anywhere in the name.

If Other Facility is selected as the Resource Type and TX is the search criteria, IMPACT finds anything beginning with TX, such as TX Department of Health, or TX Rehab Commission. However, it will not find Texas Dept of PRS (DFPS) Reg 6 because that does not begin with TX.

If Texas is entered, IMPACT will bring back The Best Little Schoolhouse in Texas, South Texas Children's Home, and Texas A&M University. TX Department of Health would not be listed, because Texas is not in the name.

Narrow the Search

Complete any or all of the fields for which information is available.

  ·  Select the Category.

  ·  Select the Service.

  ·  Enter the Resource ID Number.

  ·  Enter the ACCLAIM ID after selecting Other as the Resource Type.

  ·  Enter the region number or Region 98 to search statewide.

  ·  Enter the County.

  ·  Enter the City.

  ·  Click the Location radio button and enter a city, county, or region.

      When the Location radio button is selected, the search retrieves only those resources that have a Primary Address that is located in the specified city and county.

  ·  Click the Area Served radio button and enter a city, county, or region (select Statewide to cover the entire state).

      When the Area Served radio button is selected, the search retrieves resources providing service to that area, regardless of the resource’s physical location.

3212 Resource Missing from Resource Directory

SWI Policy and Procedures August 2007

If a resource (law enforcement jurisdiction, facility, provider, and so on) cannot be located in the Resource Directory after proper searching, it may be because this information was never entered into IMPACT.

Type the correct resource in the intake (for example, the Law Jurisdiction field on the Call Summary page ) followed by a dash and the phrase Not on database. Print that screen and give it to automation or data entry staff so that the information can be added to the database.

Also report to automation or data entry staff any incorrect telephone numbers listed in the computer system for law enforcement offices or other resources.

3213 Facility Search for Foster Homes

SWI Policy and Procedures August 2007

See 5461 Facility Section for RCCL Reports

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