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3240 Case Search

SWI Policy and Procedures August 2007

Searching for a person in the system may reveal that he or she has been involved in previous reports, previous cases, or current cases. The Person List pages in those cases should be searched to find out if the person in the current intake should be related.

3241 Obtain Case ID of the Previous Intake

SWI Policy and Procedures August 2007

A Case ID number is required to view information on previous intakes, such as the name of the caseworker to whom the case is currently assigned, the previous intake report, the disposition of the investigation, and the investigation risk assessment analysis.

To research a Case ID number:

1.   Launch a Person Search and click the person’s hyperlink to go to the Person Detail page (see 3230 Person Search).

2.   From the View Options dropdown box select View Case List, then select Search.

3.   The Case List page appears, listing all Intakes involving this Person ID.

5.   To view details, select the case number hyperlink to open the Case Summary page.

The Case ID number can also be obtained if the intake specialist has a previous Call ID number.

To locate the Case ID number using a Call ID number:

1.   Click the Intake tab, then select Call Log.

2.   Enter the Call ID number in the text box next to the words Call ID and click the Search button.

3.   When the search completes, go to the Call Log Search List and click the name of the caller that corresponds to the searched Call ID.

4.   When the Intake Actions page comes up, go to the bottom of the page. The Case ID number that corresponds to the Call ID is located in the Call Summary section next to the words Current Case.

3242 Pasting a Case History Into a Report

SWI Policy and Procedures August 2007

From the Case List page, click the check boxes next to the relevant case or cases and copy them to the clipboard. Up to five cases at a time can be copied.

The information includes the case number, program, case status, case name, county, field worker's name, and service stage.

3243 Finding the Current Caseworker on an Open Case

SWI Policy and Procedures August 2007

Review the stages of the open case on the Case Summary page.

If the Closed field for a stage is blank, then the stage is in open (OPN) status. Open stages are not automatically at the top. Scroll down to find open stages. This is especially important if the primary listed stage is Preparation for Adult Living (PAL).

Choose the most current open stage. Scroll to the right to see the primary caseworker's name and phone number.

      If the most current open stage is PAL, select the worker in the next most current stage to document an open case in the intake. The PAL worker is a regional employee, not the primary worker for the family or child It is not appropriate to send information to the PAL worker.

3244 Reviewing the Person List (Household Composition) on a Previous Case

SWI Policy and Procedures August 2007

1.   From the Case Summary page, select the appropriate stage.

2.  To view the Person List of an intake (INT) stage, click Record/Review call, then click Call Information and scroll down to the Person List.

3.   To view the Person List of an investigation stage (INV), click the Person tab.

      Under the main tabs (My Tasks, Case, Search, and so on) there are lower tabs. The Person tab (which appears when the INV stage is selected) is third from the left, between Review Intake and Contacts/Summaries.

4.   The Person List displays the names, types, roles, relationship or interest (Rel/Int), and Person IDs for the persons in that case.

5.   If there is no match for a person known to have history, or there are matches for some but not all household members, expand the search using Person ID numbers of other household members from the previous case.

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