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3250 Relate Procedures

SWI Policy and Procedures July 2014

After researching and determining that an individual on the Person List for a new call matches someone already in IMPACT, the intake specialist relates the new person from the Person Search List by clicking the Relate button. See 3230 Person Search and 3236 Determining Whether to Relate.

When a person is related in IMPACT, the information entered by the intake specialist in the Call Person Detail page is moved to the Incoming Person Detail page and replaced by the related information that was already in IMPACT, except for the fields titled Person Notes, Type, Role, and Rel/Int (relationship or interest).

Close attention must be paid when relating and updating information on children in CPS conservatorship, as well as persons who are foster parents or kinship placements for children in CPS conservatorship. Updating address information with inaccurate information causes the incorrect information to reflect on the Person Detail throughout that person’s IMPACT record. This affects all stages in IMPACT, in every case where that person is listed with the same Person ID. It creates difficult logistical issues, can affect the children’s medical coverage, and requires immediate field staff action to correct the error.

Whenever a person in an open stage is related to a new intake, any caseworkers assigned to the open stage receive an IMPACT alert notifying them that a new intake has been received on a person in a case assigned to them.

If the intake specialist is unable to relate, the specialist documents in the Person Notes the possible match as well as any problems encountered while attempting to relate, such as computer problems or data access errors.

3251 The Use Incoming Person Information Function

3251.1 Using the Use Incoming Person Information Function

SWI Policy and Procedures July 2014

The Use Incoming Person Information function can be used to update the existing information in IMPACT with the new information provided by the reporter.

Click the Use Incoming Person Information button, which is located below the Race/Ethnicity Detail section on the Call Person Detail page.

To create another person using the same address and phone information, click the Add button.

To add additional information to the Call Person Detail page, click the Save button.

To return to the Call Information page, click the Continue button.

3251.2 Viewing and Correcting Information

SWI Policy and Procedures July 2014

Intake specialists must be especially careful when using the Use Incoming Person Information button (or otherwise making changes to address information in IMPACT) after relating in intakes that involve children in CPS conservatorship and their caregivers. It is highly unlikely that a foster parent or foster child’s address would be incorrect in IMPACT and would need to be updated by SWI. (Use Person Notes to document the incoming address/phone if it is different from that in IMPACT.)

After relating, the intake specialist views the following information brought into the report, and makes corrections when appropriate:

  •  Names

  •  Primary and secondary addresses

  •  Primary and secondary phones

  •  Date of birth

  •  Social Security number

  •  Gender

  •  Marital status

  •  Ethnicity

  •  Language spoken

If the relate resulted in valid or new information being replaced, the intake specialist must restore the information obtained from the reporter to the intake, by clicking the Use Incoming Address/Phone button.

3251.3 Documenting Incorrect or Expired Addresses and Phone Information

SWI Policy and Procedures July 2014

Enter End Dates for Addresses and Phone Numbers

When a new primary address is selected, the old primary address is automatically given an end date. If an address or phone number is no longer accurate, assign an end date.

Invalidate Inaccurate Addresses and Phone Numbers

If an address or phone number was never accurate (perhaps entered mistakenly or because incorrect information was provided by a reporter) it must be marked as Invalid.

3252 Unrelating Persons

SWI Policy and Procedures August 2007

If a person is erroneously related, perform an Unrelate task. If Unrelate is selected, the related person information is removed and the initial person information is restored.

3252.1 Correcting Information Before Unrelating

SWI Policy and Procedures August 2007

It is vitally important to make corrections if the wrong person was erroneously related.

When Changes Were Made to Person Information During a Relate Task

If changes were made to the information regarding a related person and the intake was saved, then those changes were saved to the database.

If it is necessary to perform an Unrelate task for the person whose information was changed and saved, the information from the original Person List must first be restored.

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