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4940 Assignment and Call-Out

SWI Policy and Procedures March 2015

Priority 1 (P1) and Priority 2 (P2) Intakes

P1s and P2s are assigned to designated support staff for processing.

See Manual Assignment Chart.

PN Intakes – No Priority Assigned

All PN intakes are sent to the local office for review by a CPS screener. The intake specialist assigns the PN intake to the designated SWI workload for LEN and assignment by support staff. See Manual Assignment Chart.

Information and Referral (I&Rs)

Intake specialists route I&Rs that pertain to open CPS cases to the routing coordinator in the county with jurisdiction for the open case.

4941 CPS Change of County for Case Assignment

SWI Policy and Procedures April 2012

If a CPS intake or CRSR needs to be assigned to a county other than the address of the case name, the intake specialist completes a change of county before assigning the report.

If a victim is located in a different county than his place of residence, and immediate CPS contact is necessary, the intake specialist completes a change of county prior to assignment to support staff.

See 3910 Change of County for Case Assignment.

4942 CPS Call-Out Procedures, Assignment Chart, and Offices Open After Regular Business Hours

SWI Policy and Procedures August 2015

Call-out and assignment procedures for reports being sent to the CPS program are found in the Manual Assignment Chart. Some CPS offices have extended business hours which are noted on the chart.

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