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Appendix B: Forms for Reimbursing a University for Title IV-E Expenditures

Title IV-E Training Contracts Financial Handbook August 2009

Listed below are the forms required to reimburse a university for Title IV-E expenditures.

Paper copies are available from the assigned contract manager in Purchased Client Services, Region 12 (DFSP state office in Austin).

The forms satisfy DFPS fiscal requirements and may not be substituted.

4108 — Vendor Direct Deposit Authorization

4109 — Application for Texas Identification Number

4110 — Texas Identification Number Change Request

These forms are available from the DFPS Federal Funds Division. The voucher worksheet is provided quarterly. The training expense form is provided as needed.

4116 — University Purchase Voucher

Voucher Worksheet

Title IV-E Training – Documenting Expenses

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