The Texas Administrative Code (§745.8491), in conjunction with the Texas Family Code (§107.05145), authorizes DFPS to release to Domestic Relations Offices or a court-ordered social study evaluator confidential investigative records regarding abuse and neglect that relates to any person residing in the residence subject to the social study.  

Please click here to open and fill out Form 4882 - Request from Child Custody or Adoption Evaluators for Case Records. You can either submit it electronically as an attachment to your email (please encrypt any confidential data) or you can print it out and mail it to:

Department of Family and Protective Services
Attn: RMG (Y-937)
P.O. Box 149030
Austin, Texas 78714-19030

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Phone during business hours: (512) 929-6764 or toll free at (877) 764‐7230

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