These videos and resources are related to your overall physical health, safety, and well-being.

A young adult sitting on a swing in the park

Mental Health

Living with a mental illness or worried about your mental health? Having thoughts of suicide and need to talk? Feeling like you have no control over alcohol or drugs or they are getting you into trouble?

A counselor reassuring a young girl

Physical Safety

Afraid that you or a friend is being abused in a relationship? Being bullied and need to know what to do about it? Or how about being bullied on social media? Is someone making money off of you working and not paying you for it? Or how about making you have sex to make money off of you?

A group of young adults relaxing outdoors with laptops

General Health

Do you know about 2-1-1? Or how about how to apply for or manage SNAP, TANF, CHIP, or Medicaid benefits? Know your rights about making medical decisions? Or need to know about the healthcare program that covers former foster youth until age 25? What about how to avoid STDs and not get pregnant? Or how to take care of yourself through good nutrition?