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Agency Mission

The mission of the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services (PRS) is to protect the unprotected.

Agency Philosophy

The PRS Board and staff embrace the following tenets:

  • We will provide high quality services to clients through an integrated, efficiently managed service delivery system.
  • We will recruit, train, and retain a stable staff that exhibits a high degree of professionalism.
  • We will stress prevention of abuse, neglect, and exploitation through planning and integration of prevention programs and strategies within and across agencies, both private and public.
  • We will behave in a manner that invokes trust, encourages consistency, and promotes positive relationships and partnerships.
  • We will be accountable at all levels for agency resources.
  • We will accept responsibility for our actions.
  • We recognize that only through involvement of all community members can the State of Texas hope to protect its children and adults who are at risk of being abused, neglected, or exploited. Strong working relationships and a strong presence within the community are essential to our carrying out our mission.
  • We will work with other organizations to share responsibility for those in need of protection. Our partners will include other state agencies, local public and private agencies, churches and synagogues, legislators, law enforcement, citizens who make referrals, families, service providers, health care providers, professional service organizations, and the business community.
  • We will bring forth individual concerns and suggestions in an open and honest manner, with corrective action recommendations developed where appropriate.
  • All clients, complainants, alleged perpetrators, and other persons who have contact with us will receive courteous treatment, clearly communicated expectations, and timely responses.

Program Responsibilities

  • Ensure that children suspected to be at risk of abuse and/or neglect receive prompt and effective investigative services.
  • Deliver quality in-home/family preservation services to all children found, by investigation, to need them.
  • Ensure that all children who are found to need substitute care are provided effective services until returned to their homes or another permanent placement.
  • Provide timely and quality investigations and protective services to adults in the community who are elderly or who have disabilities and who are victims of maltreatment.
  • When no less-restrictive alternative is feasible, provide guardianship for persons with disabilities who have aged out of Child Protective Services conservatorship and who are unable to manage their affairs. Adult Protective Services (APS) also may provide guardianship for APS in-home clients who are incapacitated, have no one to act in their behalf, and need this service to prevent further maltreatment.
  • Ensure that all allegations of abuse and/or neglect of persons served by or through Texas Department of Mental Health Mental Retardation (TXMHMR) facilities and community MHMR centers are promptly and effectively investigated.
  • Regulate all child care facilities as required by law, to reduce the risk of serious injury, abuse, and communicable disease to children in these facilities.

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