Statutory References

Social Security Act

Texas Family Code

Human Resources Code

. . . require us to:

  • Receive and investigate reports of suspected child abuse and neglect;
  • Take action to protect abused and neglected children from further harm;
  • Work with children and their families, providing services to treat and help alleviate the situation;
  • When necessary, secure appropriate court orders and remove children from their homes;
  • Provide substitute care for children until the problems have been sufficiently resolved;


  • Provide permanent placement for children who cannot safely return to their home.

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FY 1998 Expenditures and Staffing

CPS Staff Costs $166,948,147

4,390 Direct Delivery (supervisors, workers, clerical)

4,749 Total Staff

Purchased Services $34,593,448


Homemaker Services

Parent/Community Groups

Post Adoption Services Program

Day Care Services

. . . and many more

Foster Care Payments $185,837,647

Adoption Subsidy Payments $39,770,894

Federally Funded Special Projects, Staff Costs and Purchased Services $3,005,402

41 Total Staff

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