Table 9 Table 10

Initial Calls Alleging Abuse/Neglect

ChildAbuse/Neglect Reports Assigned for Investigation

Response Time in Days from CPS Report of Child Abuse/Neglect to Initial Investigation

Table 11 Table 12

Completed Child Abuse/Neglect Investigations

Alleged Victims with Unconfirmed Allegations

Alleged Victims with Ruled Out Allegations

Alleged Victims Not Provided Services

Alleged Victims Provided Services

Children Removed from Home

Number of Child Protective Services Workers Responsible for Intake or Investigation by Office Location as of August 1998

Table 13 Table 14

Legal Statuses Granted in FY 1998

Unique Children

Possessory CVS

PMC: Not Free For Adoption

PMC: Free For Adoption

Adoption Finalized

PRS Responsibility Terminated

Child Abuse/Nelgect Related Fatalities