Eighty-two year old Otis Plaxton was a kind man, who served his country, saved for retirement, and earned relaxing years as a senior citizen. However, in a matter of months, his life changed dramatically. A victim of financial fraud, he found himself being evicted from his assisted-living facility for non-payment. At the time, the only person he had to rely on was his daughter who lived in Florida.

That’s when APS In-Home Caseworker Twyla Young of Abilene entered the scene. At the beginning of their year-long journey together, Young committed herself to making sure Plaxton got the help he needed and received a high standard of care.

Young soon discovered that this wonderful man didn’t know where to start. He owed the facility thousands of dollars and had no longterm insurance to cover his stay. After several visits, she discovered that his monthly income was very small and he didn’t qualify for veteran benefits. She knew that he needed to move due to his financial circumstances and did all she could to make the process as smooth and gentle as possible.

Mr. Plaxton also showed signs of short-term memory loss, which put his safety at even higher risk. So Young promptly sought the support of Mr. Plaxton’s daughter so that he could get the care he needed.

Young began tackling both the issues of Plaxton’s medical care and finances. She escorted him to his banks to get a better understanding of his finances and also educated him on Medicaid and assisted him with the application. She took him to visit three different housing options and helped him with the housing authority application as well.

When her client needed medical attention, she accompanied him to a doctor’s appointment and advocated for a complete health assessment. She also took him to an appointment with a specialist. Ultimately his diagnosis qualified him for nursing home placement but none of the eleven nursing homes she contacted would accept him. Young enlisted the help of a health insurance provider and an attorney and finally found a nursing facility where Mr. Plaxton could get the care he needed.

But, that’s not the end of the story. Young took it upon herself to protect her client’s belongings. She contracted with a cleaning company, a moving company, and a local antique dealer to help allow Mr. Plaxton to decide what to do with his belongings. While he was sad to have to let go of what little he had left, he decided to box everything up, and he was comforted by Young that everything would be okay.

After such a long journey, Young had finally ensured Mr. Plaxton’s safety and care. However, as she was wrapping up the case, she received a call from Mr. Plaxton. He wanted Young at his side for a meeting with his doctors, nurses, and daughter. Because he was losing weight at a disturbing speed, had long-term breathing problems, and dementia, the team of care providers decided it was time for Mr. Plaxton to enter hospice. With tears in her eyes, Young knew she had done her job, and now he was in good hands.

Mr. Plaxton’s daughter was so grateful for everything Young had done for her father. After the meeting she contacted APS to let them know about her outstanding care and work. “She is an amazingly compassionate person with a gift for working with the elderly as well as family members. My father and I are truly blessed that she was assigned to him.”