Sunset Review and HHS Transformation

The 84th Texas Legislature passed two Sunset Advisory Commission laws that had a significant effect on DFPS in FY 2016: Senate Bill 200 and 206.

Senate Bill 200, outlines a phased approach to reorganizing the HHS System. This process is now known as HHS Transformation. Senate Bill 206 did away with a number of requirements to give CPS caseworkers the flexibility to spend more time with clients.  It also required CPS to produce an annual business plan to focus its efforts and resources on its mission, which it did in FY 2016. The CPS Business Plan for Fiscal Year 2016 is published on the DFPS website.

Consistent with legislative direction in Senate Bill 200, the Nurse Family Partnership and the Texas Home Visiting programs moved from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to DFPS on May 2, 2016, and were consolidated with the Prevention and Early Intervention program. It was the first of a number of program transfers and consolidations designed to make the HHS System a more efficient, effective, and responsive system for the people it serves. Some DFPS support staff also transferred to HHSC in FY 2016, while continuing to work hand in hand with DFPS.

Throughout FY 2016, DFPS participated in system-wide efforts to get ready for the first phase of the reorganization, which happened when FY2016 ended. Those transfers mostly affected other HHS agencies. However, the DFPS Council held its last meeting in FY 2016 because it and all other HHS agency councils were replaced by the new HHSC Executive Council as part of HHS Transformation.

The goals of HHS Transformation are to create a system that:

  • Is easier to navigate for people who need information, benefits, or services.
  • Aligns with the HHS mission, business, and statutory responsibilities.
  • Breaks down operational silos to create greater program integration.
  • Creates clear lines of accountability within the organization.
  • Develops clearly defined and objective performance metrics for all areas of the organization.