Guidance was provided by HHSC in consultation with leadership offices to maintain the projected caseload for FY 2005 in our baseline request for FY 2006-2007. In order to stay within 100% of FY 2004-2005 general revenue related funds for foster care and adoption subsidies in our base request, DFPS was required to reduce the average daily rate for foster care by 4% each year, and the average monthly adoption subsidy payment by 3% each year.

This item maintains the FY 2005 projected caseload of 17,407 average number of FTE children in paid foster care per month, and 18,407 average number of children provided adoption subsidies per month for FY 2006 -2007.

This item restores the 4% rate reduction for foster care and the 3% reduction to the average monthly adoption subsidy payment so that FY 2005 foster care rates and adoption subsidy payment ceilings are maintained for FY 2006-2007.

Funding Request

FY 2006
FY 2007
Total $16,977,570 $16,875,080 $33,852,650
Number of FTEs 0.0 0.0  
Method of Financing:      
General Revenue $6,021,317 $5,586,120 $11,607,437
Federal Funds $10,956,253 $11,288,960 $22,245,213

Program Impact

FY 2006
FY 2007
Average Monthly Payment Per Child (FTE) in Paid Foster Care $1,695.58 $1,695.58
Average Monthly Payment Per Adoption Subsidy $464.27 $459.31

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