The Statewide Intake 24-hour call center utilizes hardware and software that is standard in the call center industry to route phone calls to appropriate queues, operate the phone system, manage the workforce, and provide management information. It has been operating with minimal technology resources throughout its lifespan. Some crucial aspects of its technological infrastructure are now reaching the end of their lifespan.

This item requests $1.2 million for the biennium to replace the Automated Call Distributor (ACD) switch that routes calls to the appropriate queues and helps reduce hold times by balancing across agents.

Additionally, the ability to take incoming calls cannot become disrupted without directly affecting the vulnerable children and adults we serve. Therefore a long-term disaster recovery solution needs to be established and implemented.

Business service continuity requires us to be prepared to switch to an alternate site in the case of a catastrophic event that destroys or otherwise makes our current facility uninhabitable. This funding initiative requests $1.0 million for the biennium for the provision of a full-time facility that would take over the call center operation and provide minimum services until the call center could be replaced with a permanent facility. This disaster recovery is essential to meeting the agency's mission.

Funding Request

FY 2006
FY 2007
Total $1,841,498 $384,105 $2,225,603
Number of FTEs 0.0 0.0  
Method of Financing:      
General Revenue $1,762,004 $358,942 $2,120,946
Federal Funds $79,494 $25,163 $104,657

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