Enhancements to the Information Management Protecting Adults and Children in Texas (IMPACT) system (browser-based version of the CPS and APS automated casework application) are required to ensure continued effective service delivery. The following enhancements are requested:

  • IMPACT Operational Enhancements - $0.6 million for the biennium is needed for improvements to the usage of the system, to ensure program needs are met, and to encourage community involvement by building information exchanges with service providers.
  • IMPACT Enhancements for External Access - $1.9 million for the biennium is needed for changes to allow vendors to access and update prebill information and to access payment information on-line. It also includes an automated interface between DFPS and Texas Workforce Commission to allow us to receive child specific information for children in our system receiving day care, and an automated interface between DFPS and the Office of Attorney General to allow us to send child eligibility and other case information related to child support collections for children in foster care. These enhancements are dependent on a server upgrade requested in Exceptional Item 13, Infrastructure Upgrades/Improvements.

Funding Request

FY 2006
FY 2007
Total $2,166,900 $300,000 $2,466,900
Number of FTEs 0.0 0.0  
Method of Financing:      
General Revenue $1,435,253 $68,763 $1,504,016
Federal Funds $731,647 $231,237 $962,884

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