This initiative seeks salary upgrades for Program Directors and Program Administrators assigned to Statewide Intake and Child Protective Services.

Currently, there is a disincentive for caseworkers to move into Program Director and Program Administrator positions because the pay groups utilized by the agency do not provide an appropriate salary differential for the increased responsibilities of these jobs. These program management positions are separated by such a small amount, that routinely there is only a nominal pay increase to compensate for the substantial increase in responsibility. Program Administrator and Program Director upgrades would assist in removing that built-in disincentive for tenured workers to become managers. This salary increase would help improve retention and develop a better-trained staff for these critical positions.

For CPS, this initiative upgrades 100 Program Directors from Program Specialist IV, salary group B12, to Program Specialist V, salary group B13, and upgrades 18 Program Administrators from Manager II, salary group B14, to Program Administrator VI, salary group B15.

For Statewide Intake, this initiative upgrades 6 Program Directors from Program Administrator I, salary group B9, to Program Administrator II, salary group B10, upgrades 16 Program Directors from Program Administrator II, salary group B10, to Program Administrator III, salary group B11, and upgrades 5 Program Administrators from Program Specialist III, salary group B11, to Program Specialist IV, salary group B12.

Included in this exceptional item is a salary increase of 6.4 % for all 145 Program Directors and Program Administrators.

Funding Request

FY 2006
FY 2007
Total $376,861 $376,861 $753,722
Number of FTEs 0.0 0.0  
Method of Financing:      
General Revenue $292,242 $292,242 $584,484
Federal Funds $84,619 $84,619 $169,238

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