DFPS publishes monthly data on key measures to improve transparency and allow stakeholders and the public to access and track trends between fiscal years. These monthly reports, however, are preliminary and may not match the finalized data that is published in the DFPS Databook each February.

Key Metrics

Key staffing and outcome measures for Statewide Intake, Adult Protective Services, Child Protective Investigations, and Child Protective Services.

Fiscal Year 2021

Children in DFPS Care

The statistics below are for children in DFPS care. There is data for each of the 11 DFPS regions. This includes age, sex, ethnic group, disabilities, and the level of services the children receive.

You will find statistics showing where children are living compared to their home region and the types of facilities and living arrangements where they were placed. There is also placement information for children in foster care by county.

Note: To ensure this data is accessible for people using assistive technology, DFPS posts it in a sortable format with all regions included in one file.

Archive FY 2007-2020